bruno banani

Before bruno banani there was emptiness. In the early 1990s, boring standard underpants (with interventions) dominated the German underwear market. Until 1993 - when company owner, Wolfgang Jassner, founded bruno banani underwear GmbH. Previously, he had held various Senior positions within the textile industry.

Today bruno banani is a cult brand. Since its founding in 1993 and today, there is an innovative marketing strategy in place and a turnover increase from zero to 96.5 million euros, as well as extreme tests being undertaken such as:

  • The DESTRUCTION OF THE DESERT in 120 days from Jerusalem to Zimbabwe over a distance of 10,000 kilometres by the adventurer Achill Moser. The adventurer did the Adventure Test in bruno banani "Your Perfect Underwear" in 1996. The result of the exhausting journey for Achill Moser and the bruno banani underwear:
    The quality seal 10.000 KM ADVENTURE TESTED - ULTIMATE QUALITY.

  • The ECO CHALLENGE – the hardest natural sport in the world – that is a distant relative of the triathlon. In 1997 bruno banani sent the first German team to the "Air Active" laundry collection 500 km through the Australian jungle. The test requirements: Extreme conditions such as a warm and humid climate, the impenetrable wilderness and the extraordinary demands on the athletes. The result: bruno banani "Air Active" overcomes all the strains of the Australian outback.

  • The MIR MISSION in 1998. With the last manned Soyuz rocket bruno banani embarked on a journey on the 13th of August 1998, from Bajkonur (Kazakhstan) to the Russian space station MIR, with the laundry collection "Your Dynamic, Underwear". The mission: Testing the weightlessness of the laundry collection by the chief flight engineer Nicolai Budarin in his daily fitness program within the MIR basic module. The result: the predicate SPACE PROOFED UNDERWEAR / the First Designer Brand in Space.

  • The PRESSURE TEST AT BERMUDA TRIANGLE. In 2001, bruno banani sets off on a journey with the lingerie collection "Your Funtastic Oxygen" at a depth of 4,800 meters, for a deep-sea expedition in the Bermuda Triangle. With every metre that the expedition's dive boats approached the ocean floor, the pressure to "Your Funtastic Oxygen" increased. Coming down, the participants of the expedition discovered that the underwear from bruno banani withstood the pressure with seemingly playful disregard. The result: The certificate PRESSURE PROOF / First Designer Brand 4,800 Meters Under The Sea.

  • The MARS MISSION 500 in 2010. Six astronauts from Russia, France, Italy and China spend 520 days together in a test spacecraft. Bruno banani supported this simulation of a journey to Mars with special "on-board underwear" for the crew - the colourful underpants helped to relieve the morbid monotony of their mission.

  • The WORLD TRIKE TOUR from 2012 to 2015, a bold project exactly to the taste of bruno banani. For this reason, bruno banani provided the pilot pair Doreen Kröber and Andreas Zmuda with an ultralight aircraft, and underwear, among other things at their disposal for their circumnavigation of the world. The result was the WORLD PROOFED quality seal.

  • The DREAM OF OLYMPIA at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in 2014. After only five years of training, Tongan luge racer Bruno Banani qualified for the Olympic Games and even achieved 32nd place. Before that he had not even seen snow. The press reports worldwide about the COCONUT POWER from bruno banani.

  • The founding of  FREE STATE OF MIND BRUNO BANANI in June 2019.